About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best delicious and nutritious snacks

After living in Addis a while, we noticed that…

There are tons of Addis Ababa’s living busy and active lives, but lacking delicious and nutritious snacks to fuel their hard work and big adventures on-the-go.

To keep our fellow adventurers going, we make healthy snack bars and bite size snacks. Made with natural oats, teff, and safflower seeds, TruLuv Granola is the perfect snack for everyone. A nutritious and delicious on-the-go snack that your tastebuds will truly luv. Our granola contains no added sugar or artificial flavoring, and is sweetened with Ethiopian honey.

Our vision is to improve every Ethiopian’s nutritional status while supporting environmental sustainability and developing a team of capable women employees.

How We Got Started

Co-founders, Blayne and Kifflé, started toying with the idea of starting a healthy snacks business while they both worked for a brewery in Ethiopia! They’d stay to work late, and with an hour drive back to town, and little in the way of food options on the commute, they started to miss having easy, healthful snacks. From there, they started experimenting in the kitchen with some not-so-yummy first tries until they arrived at a product they knew they’d enjoy eating every day, and sharing with family and friends. Since then we’ve been proud to bring the TruLuv granola bars and bites to market.

Our Team

We have 11 awesome team members, most of whom are women. We are and seek to always be a woman-owned, women-managed business! We give priority recruitment to female staff and seek to continuously invest in our team’s development.

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