healthy foods: sustainably-sourced, crafted by women, made in Ethiopia

TruLuv produces and distributes all-natural granola snacks to fuel the growing number of health-conscious and on-the-go folks in Ethiopia, and around the globe. We make healthy foods made with Ethiopia’s unique natural ingredients and flavors. We seek to sustainably source all of our ingredients from local smallholder farmers and our products are all crafted by our group of dynamic women employees.

We believe that health and environmental protection are critical elements of a sustainable future for Ethiopia and these should be available to all Ethiopians.

In addition to fueling health-conscious folks, we are working to develop snacks that address the issue of over-nutrition that is becoming a growing issue in urban Ethiopia. Income growth and urbanization increase consumption of oils & fats, animal products and processed foods are starting to lead to lifestyle changes in urban Ethiopia.

While previously, Ethiopia’s population experienced high rates of undernutrition, busier lifestyles and increased availability of unhealthy snacks, together with low-activity occupations, mean that overweight and obesity could become significant nutritional problems for Ethiopia in the not-so-distant-future. We hope to be a part of a shift towards more affordable and healthy options.

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